Aroma Therapy (60 Minutes)

Aroma Therapy massage is uses of essential oil extracted from plants and flowers, the oil penetrated into bloodstream and relax the body and mind.


Deep Tissue (60 minutes/90 minutes)

Deep Muscle Relaxation-Increase Mobility – Relieves Muscle Cramping
This massage therapy focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective issue. it is helpful for chronic tensions in areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders. The strokes are used as classic massage therapy with slower movements and deeper pressure concentrating on areas of tension and pain.


Sports Massage (60 minutes/90 minutes)

Oil Massage With Body Stretching – Encourages Relaxation

This therapy is geared towards sports person of every kind from world class professionals regular gym users to weekend joggers, it focuses on areas of the body which are over used and stressed from repetitive and often aggraessive movements. it helps to manage pain and injuries improve flexibility and endurance, relax muscles, reduce fatigue, and relieve stress.


Lotus Signature (60 minutes /90 minutes )

Cleares Blocked Energy Lines-Blood Circulation

This Blissful signature massage combines eastern philosophy with western techniques. It incorporates the swedish massage technique with application fo pressure on certain pressure points to release blocked energy and create a balance in the body. The application of hot herbal compress relieves sprains, stiffness in the joints and stimulates blood circulation.


Hot Stone Massage ( 90 minutes )

A unique therapy aimed to balance and enhance the energy centers of the body called chakras by using volcanic stones. The stones are warmed and applied on the skin using special strokes which soothe sore muscles and balance the energy flow throughout the body.